M/s. Pooja Traders was established in 2000, known in the market as a reputed Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Importer, Trader of Heavy Earthmoving Machinery Spares, Spare Parts, Rear Wheel Annulus Rings, Planet Gears, Sun Gears, Rear Hub Planetary Bearings, Rear Axle Shafts, Transmission Gears, Rear Axle Crown Pinions 13 * 38, Air Filters, BKT Attachment Levers, Gear Annulus Carriers, Star Gear Assembly, Front Wheel Hub Axles, Seal Kits, Hydraulic Oil Filters, Slew Cylinder Pistons, Transmission Drive Shafts, KPC Bolts, Steering Couplings, Accelerator Levers, Slew Ram Rod Bushes, Boom Bushes, Boom Main Pin Bushes, KPC Top And Bottom Pin Bushes, Slew Trunnion Plate Bushes, KPC Boom Main Pins, Dipper Jack Eye Side Pins, Bucket Main Pins, Tooth Nut Bolts, Front Axle Carriers, Tank Caps, JCB Spares, Spare Parts. It has a diversified product line which includes premium quality Hydraulic Parts, Transmission Parts, Fabricating Parts And Casting Parts. And our setup is situated in Sangli, Maharashtra, India


Rear Wheel Annulus Ring
Planet Gears
Sun Gears
Rear Hub Planetary Bearings



Rear Axle Shafts
Transmission Gears
Rear Axle Crown Pinions 13 * 38
Air Filters



BKT. Attachment Levers
Gear Annulus Carriers
Star Gear Assembly
Front Wheel Hub Axles



Seal Kits
Hydraulic Oil Filters
Slew Cylinder Pistons
Transmission Drive Shafts



KPC Bolts
Stearing Couplings
Accelerator Levers
Slew Ram Rod Bushes



Boom Bushes
Boom Main Pin Bushes
KPC Top & Bottom Pin Bushes
Slew Trunion Plate Bushes



KPC Boom Main Pins
Dipper Jack Eye Side Pins
Bucket Main Pins
Tooth Nut Bolts



Front Axle Carriers
Tank Caps